Radon remediation

If you need to get help with radon in Cornwall, this page gives you an outline of how Radon Kernow can help.

Radon remediation principles

Radon mitigation / remediation measures can be classified as either Passive (no fan used) or Active (a fan is used). These two principles can be sub-divided in four basic methods for dealing with radon in a property; Barriers, Natural airflow (including passive sumps), reducing the pressure, and raising the pressure.

To choose the best radon protection method you need some basic information to get started, related to the structure of your property and the radon monitoring results. In particular you should focus on:

  1. The radon detector results
  2. The ground floor construction
  3. The general house size and construction

The best thing is to get expert advice and we will be pleased to make recommendations. Contact us.

Passive radon remediation

Passive radon systems do not have fans. They aim to utilise natural processes to achieve results. They therefore generally have lower on-going costs than active systems.

Radon in Cornwall house

Passive natural

Radon in Cornwall house

Passive barrier

Active radon remediation

Active radon protection systems have fans. These either draw radon away from a building by lowering the air pressure (extraction) or create an area of higher air pressure that deters it (ventilation). Active methods generally have much greater impact than passive ones.

Radon in Cornwall house

Active reduce pressure

Radon in Cornwall house.

Active raise pressure

Our other website, ukradoninfo.co.uk, contains more detailed information if you would like to read further.