I have been incredibly impressed with the work

Thank you so much for all the hard work you have done at my house with your colleagues. I have been incredibly impressed with the work, the perseverance (in the mud and rain), the final result and with the invoice. It all looks very promising as the Canary reader (after having been reset to 0 yesterday morning) shot up to 231 but has been steadily dropping and reads now 166 and seems to dropping still (normal readings in the kitchen have been above 400 consistently). I know it is still early days and I will let you know what the final reading will be in the rest of the house once all has been settled.
I will certainly recommend you highly to anyone I know who needs radon-work done.


“…a neat, prompt and effective job.”

Thanks v much for sending us the results – we are so pleased that the radon sump is having such a good effect, bringing the average down to well under the target value of 100, about 1/10th of what the averages were before and miles below our peak of 1350.
Please pass on our thanks to Jerry for doing such a neat, prompt and effective job.

Tim & Sharon Mattocks.

“I can sleep easy at last”

I’m pleased to say the cellar fan has achieved remarkable results with radon levels, and I can sleep easy at last!
I attach the latest report from PHE and my summary sheet (result 49 Bqm-3). If only I’d found you four years ago I might have saved myself a lot of worry and money.
Thanks for all your help and advice.


“I am totally delighted”

We have had the follow up test results for our Radon levels and I am totally delighted.
Our initial reading was 881 before the work was carried out by your guys, and it is now just 51 – magic.
Many thanks and if I get the chance to recommend you to anyone else, I will not hesitate to do so.


“…reading has reduced from 380 to 20…”

Have just had results of re-test and thought you would be interested to know that reading has reduced from 380 to 20 following installation of underfloor ventilation system. The readings were both taken during the winter months so can be considered a true reflection of the effectiveness of the installation and I thank you for your assistance in this matter.